Monday, February 18, 2013

Love letter to my gym/weird workout today

No run yesterday after all - was still feeling sniffle-y and just didn't want to go outside. I've read before that if your symptoms are all above the neck that you're ok to exercise, so technically I should have been fine for a run. But I'm ok with skipping yesterday. I went to the gym today to do an arms workout. Still wasn't feeling 100% so that was a bit distracting.

What was worse though, was when a trainer came over to give me some tips... He said my form for triceps needed monitoring and that one of the exercises I was doing was useless (I'm not sure what'd you call that exercise, but it's an exercise a trainer at another gym taught me!). It was kind of disheartening. I definitely do want to make sure I'm doing everything properly and feedback that helps me do that is a good thing, but it kind of bothered me that he had been watching me and evaluating me, if that makes sense. I ended up leaving a little early because I felt uncomfortable eep!

In general though, I am in love with my new gym. It is pretty small and half the times I'm there, there's less than 8 people total, which is AMAZING! When you swipe your keycard it tells you how many times you've been in so far this month, which actually is a little motivator for me to keep that count high :) A quirk about the place is that most of the folks who go there are older adults doing cardiac monitoring or rehab stuff. I am so comfortable at this gym because of that - I never feel silly for trying new things out and failing, or worry about how I look, or have to wait for equipment. I had a (mostly unused) membership at LA fitness before and the thought of working out in a sea of neon glitter tanks and grunting frat boys (it was near the university) would often keep me away!

I actually remembered to have a protein shake post-workout today! I almost never remember because I'm willing to chow down on anything after the gym. I also have a mango stashed away for later :)

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